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Universal milling and turning machine with mill-turn table

DMC 160 FD: First in india. Suitable for machining alluminium precision components especially used in aerospace industry.

working area X/Y/Z mm 1600/1250/1100
max. spindle speed rpm 10000
power (40% d.c.) KW 44
max. torque Nm 288
max. feed rate mm/min 60,000
rapid feed X/Y/Z m/min  60
tool taper   HSK-A 100
magazine pockets 180
tool changer   horizontal

Technical Specification

Multi axis milling operations without restriction
Proven technology and design of the P-range
Universal milling head as controlled A-axis (integrated spindle motor, HSK-A 100)
Spindle speed - 10000 rpm
Spindle torque 288 Nm (40% d.c.)
Power 44 KW (40% d.c)
Integrated workpiece balancing with CNC (special balancing cycle)


1. Machining of impellers with negative angle especially aerospace components.
2. Pump housings, valve bodies, flanges, metal sealing sections, recesses for seals etc.


No handling and transportation from the milling to the turning machine
Less parts in process or in stock
Reduction of processing time
Increase of accuracy and quality by reduction of set ups. Integrated with online quality checking with lates CMM machine.